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Using Virtual Assistants 

00:00:25 How I got introduced to virtual assistants
00:00:41 The 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris
00:01:25 Paying someone who can run the business while you like on the beach for $2/hour just isn’t happening
00:01:39 The Sobering News…this dream is not a reality
00:02:05 There are many reasons for this: language barriers, cultural barriers, and physical barriers
00:02:14 In addition, just like the labor market in the United States, the more skilled and better that someone is, the more they will want to charge
00:02:30 This economic reality is not necessarily a bad thing, but the dream of paying someone who can run your business while you lie on a beach for $2/hour just isn’t happening
00:03:01 I know this all sounds negative, but I love virtual assistants, in fact I employ over 20 today
00:03:35 What they can’t do
00:03:55 Anything involving making a decision
00:04:15 If there are any undefined steps, they will fail
00:04:41 Writing where you need to sound like an expert (blogging, listing descriptions etc.)
00:05:15 Advanced e-mail
00:05:45 Most calls
00:06:15 Yes many of them can speak perfect English BUT they cannot carry a conversation that has any level of detail
00:07:01 And if they are representing you in a professional way, it is going to backfire
00:07:15 They can do some very basic calls but even those they cannot do very well, which is why I highly recommend not getting them on the phone at all
00:07:30 Important deadline oriented work
00:10:30 Before I talk about what they can do, let me tell you how you have to assign tasks
00:10:56 Many of these things are true where or not the person is local or virtual
00:11:25 Use screencastomatic or a similar software
00:14:45 You must do the task first for two reasons… 1) Need to ballpark time or you will end up overpaying  
00:20:01 2) Need to make sure your instructions make sense
00:20:31 Level of detail – Every single step needs to be laid out in extreme detail – no steps can be missed
00:21:05 In the beginning you’re going to have to check in with a VA a lot more, as time goes on you may not need to do as much checkup
00:22:00 What tasks they can do
00:22:05 Craigslist Postings
00:22:25 Basic VA – they know how to use a computer, basic Microsoft Excel skills etc. Advanced VAs who can do much more…
0023:06 Processes that are repetitive and you have every possible scenario mapped out
00:23:32 Simple data entry
00:23:54 Coding and programming (only if skilled)
00:24:01 Simple research
00:24:13 Basic e-mail management
00:24:37 Finding contact information such as e-mails and phone numbers for 1) Cash buyers or 2) sellers for cold calling/e-mail marketing
00:24:42 Entering leads into a CRM
00:25:12 Advanced Skill VA
00:25:28 Design (only if skilled); logos, power point presentations, flyers
00:25:43 Programming and coding
00:25:51 These are general guidelines, when in doubt, do a small test
00:26:28 The biggest mistakes people make when working with VA’s
00:26:35 Assigning important deadline oriented tasks
00:27:08 Assigning complicated tasks or tasks the VA cannot handle
00:27:44 Assuming the VA knows things
00:28:41 Not creating detailed instructions that are recorded
00:28:51 Not having a benchmark for them to hit
00:29:30 Thinking that you can hire and “forget” about the task
00:31:35 How to find and hire a VA
00:31:49 Elance
00:35:55 Fiverr – the good this that you can test out what someone can do for a limited amount
00:42:56 Baby stepping tasks
00:4258 One small task trial. If they don’t perform move onto the next
00:43:03 Pay scale: Basic VA - $3-$5 an hour for a skilled VA - $10-$20 an hour
00L43:43 Summary
00:43:50 Virtual assistants are a tool
00:43:55 When used properly they will help you to leverage your time and business
00:44:00 When used incorrectly, you will be frustrated
00:44:10 With that being said, use them properly J
00:44:16 Questions?
00:45:09 Besides design work what do you use VAs for on a regular basis?
00:46:31 Do you use VAs to do any skip tracing?