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How To Calculate an Investor Offer That Will Guarantee a Massive Profit without Spending Wasting Your Entire Day

On The Video You Will Learn:

1. The simple, easy to use, formula that we use to calculate our offers, both on fix and flips, wholesales, and rental properties. 

2. How we determine the after repair value of a property. The after repair value of a property is the value that the property will sell for once it has been fully renovated 

3. Our automated software that we use to calculate repairs(we'll show you someone with zero contracting background can do it easily) that you will have free lifetime access to 

4. Deal killers: some that we steer clear of altogether, and some that we just need a very large discount for and how to identify them 

5. When it makes sense to do no work to a property, and how to calculate your offer without using an after repair calculation 

6. A live review of any deals that anyone wants to put in front of me with real-time analysis and feedback 

Using Virtual Assistants 

00:00:25 How I got introduced to virtual assistants
00:00:41 The 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris
00:01:25 Paying someone who can run the business while you like on the beach for $2/hour just isn’t happening
00:01:39 The Sobering News…this dream is not a reality
00:02:05 There are many reasons for this: language barriers, cultural barriers, and physical barriers
00:02:14 In addition, just like the labor market in the United States, the more skilled and better that someone is, the more they will want to charge
00:02:30 This economic reality is not necessarily a bad thing, but the dream of paying someone who can run your business while you lie on a beach for $2/hour just isn’t happening
00:03:01 I know this all sounds negative, but I love virtual assistants, in fact I employ over 20 today
00:03:35 What they can’t do
00:03:55 Anything involving making a decision
00:04:15 If there are any undefined steps, they will fail
00:04:41 Writing where you need to sound like an expert (blogging, listing descriptions etc.)
00:05:15 Advanced e-mail
00:05:45 Most calls
00:06:15 Yes many of them can speak perfect English BUT they cannot carry a conversation that has any level of detail
00:07:01 And if they are representing you in a professional way, it is going to backfire
00:07:15 They can do some very basic calls but even those they cannot do very well, which is why I highly recommend not getting them on the phone at all
00:07:30 Important deadline oriented work
00:10:30 Before I talk about what they can do, let me tell you how you have to assign tasks
00:10:56 Many of these things are true where or not the person is local or virtual
00:11:25 Use screencastomatic or a similar software
00:14:45 You must do the task first for two reasons… 1) Need to ballpark time or you will end up overpaying  
00:20:01 2) Need to make sure your instructions make sense
00:20:31 Level of detail – Every single step needs to be laid out in extreme detail – no steps can be missed
00:21:05 In the beginning you’re going to have to check in with a VA a lot more, as time goes on you may not need to do as much checkup
00:22:00 What tasks they can do
00:22:05 Craigslist Postings
00:22:25 Basic VA – they know how to use a computer, basic Microsoft Excel skills etc. Advanced VAs who can do much more…
0023:06 Processes that are repetitive and you have every possible scenario mapped out
00:23:32 Simple data entry
00:23:54 Coding and programming (only if skilled)
00:24:01 Simple research
00:24:13 Basic e-mail management
00:24:37 Finding contact information such as e-mails and phone numbers for 1) Cash buyers or 2) sellers for cold calling/e-mail marketing
00:24:42 Entering leads into a CRM
00:25:12 Advanced Skill VA
00:25:28 Design (only if skilled); logos, power point presentations, flyers
00:25:43 Programming and coding
00:25:51 These are general guidelines, when in doubt, do a small test
00:26:28 The biggest mistakes people make when working with VA’s
00:26:35 Assigning important deadline oriented tasks
00:27:08 Assigning complicated tasks or tasks the VA cannot handle
00:27:44 Assuming the VA knows things
00:28:41 Not creating detailed instructions that are recorded
00:28:51 Not having a benchmark for them to hit
00:29:30 Thinking that you can hire and “forget” about the task
00:31:35 How to find and hire a VA
00:31:49 Elance
00:35:55 Fiverr – the good this that you can test out what someone can do for a limited amount
00:42:56 Baby stepping tasks
00:4258 One small task trial. If they don’t perform move onto the next
00:43:03 Pay scale: Basic VA - $3-$5 an hour for a skilled VA - $10-$20 an hour
00L43:43 Summary
00:43:50 Virtual assistants are a tool
00:43:55 When used properly they will help you to leverage your time and business
00:44:00 When used incorrectly, you will be frustrated
00:44:10 With that being said, use them properly J
00:44:16 Questions?
00:45:09 Besides design work what do you use VAs for on a regular basis?
00:46:31 Do you use VAs to do any skip tracing?