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Hazel Closes a Deal on Her Very First Lead

On this call we cover:

  • The numbers on Hazel's first fix-and-flip in her area of the country
  • The renovations required
  • Speculating on the offers Hazel will receive from buyers once the house is on the market
  • Struggles Hazel is currently working through on another property
  • Working through all of the information that Ocean City Development provides

How to Convert a Dead Seller Lead Into a Lender for Your Next Project


Jump to 6:25 for the beginning of our conversation.

On this call, we cover:

  • Samantha Edwards, an active Cameron agent for two months who spent two weeks working with buyers and then switched to sellers
  • The number of hours she puts into prospecting seller leads on MOJO Dailer with a 15-hour prospecting goal
  • One face-to-face listing appointment for every four hours of calls
  • A seller lead in the archives who already sold his property. One conversation revealed that he was looking for a partner so he could reinvest the money he netted from his property sale
  • What makes Cameron/Ocean City Development different as a partner
  • Using an educational video and offering a follow-up call with Tom to move the conversation forward and convert the seller lead into a private lender

My Recent Appearance on Real Estate Talk Boston


Tom sits down with Chris Devin to discuss how he got into fixing and flipping homes. He also gives a great APP suggestion for people in the industry!

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