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"So Tom is an excellent investor, he does tons of  deals, he doesn’t take any of the leads for himself, provides plenty of leads for his team and is overall a very knowledgeable person in real estate. He’s pretty awesome, I like working with him.  On his team, I’ve tripled my business a lot due to just some of the flexibility he’s given me. My commission is higher and he’s actually allowed me to start my own team down in Florida so he’s been absolutely phenomenal. A mentor, a trainer, and a great broker in general. Very good at answering questions. He allows us flexibility, he really wants to see us grow. He gives us leads, no other office is going to give you leads. These are actual appointments that you walk out on and there’s a seller who wants to sell their house. I’ll say that he also likes encouraging entrepreneurs which I think is very important, especially in the economical state of America. So it’s good for him to be supporting everyone like that. Not just Realtors but everyone in the real estate business. I’m very, very happy working for him and I’m very thankful for the opportunity that I have to build my team through him."