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"What he says, what he promises, he delivers. I think he has a totally unusual and new concept for real estate agents. And I think that at this point where you have a lot going on with technology it’s very difficult, unless you’re in a big team, to do well. The way he has the office designed is he has the resources to help you compete with some of those mega teams. It’s been phenomenal, I’ve done extremely well. I’ve had my license for 30 years so I’ve been with some of the major real estate companies. My last place was Keller Williams. I was there for three years, and although they have really good training and resources they actually don’t help you generate leads. They give you ideas and they have theories. What’s great about being at Cameron Real Estate is, they actually just give you leads. You know they help you with the follow up, they help you be competitive. So it’s been a good experience. A lot of these big major companies, their systems are not keeping up with technology and I think that Tom is very forward thinking. I personally have developed, I work my own niche, and he’s been able to help me with that, to develop that and to generate my own leads. So I’m not just relying on leads from Zillow or Trulia or any of those other major search engines, which can be very expensive."