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"Tom is like easy going and available for, you know, information, questions, and guidance. It’s fabulous, it’s like the best thing that ever happened to my career. And I’m not exaggerating. One thing that’s different is that he, often at other brokerages they say that the owner and/or managing broker isn’t taking listings but really they are, and he is not. He does not work as a sales broker. So there’s never anything that would happen, you know, like the boss gets all the good stuff because he does not do any sales as the listing agent or the buying agent. He never does any of that. So that’s not a conflict. It often happens at other brokerages. The other thing I might say about working with Tom, with the company, but with Tom specifically at the company is that he’s just 100% on top of every newest technology and available service. So agents get service, you can get phone calls. Everyone knows that leads are called and appointments are scheduled but also there are mailers, there’s concierge, there’s a la carte services, there’s staging, photography, phone calling, after sales follow up mailers. You don’t see that with any other companies. It’s all provided opportunity, and I’m not saying it’s free, but even when it’s not free it’s like at cost. He’s not profiting off it. You don’t see that at other companies. "