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Ocean City Development: Donald

Did everything go smoothly when you worked with Ocean City Development?

"Yes, and I worked with Katie Blair I believe her name was, she was the Realtor that I originally dealt with and she was fantastic, I mean terrific, professional but compassionate.  Very nice person, and Tom was very nice. Every time I called him and left him a message he’d call me right back."

What was the main reason that you decided to sell to Ocean City Development?

"The reason I sold to Ocean was, I only had two, I had once come up and we couldn’t agree on price. And Ocean City came, they gave me a price, I thought it was a fair price for the condition of the house and I went with Ocean City. And I had no idea of how they were going to be to deal with but they were fantastic, I had no problems."

Do you feel like your were treated fairly and they were helpful throughout the entire process?

"Yes they were."

In the end, were you happy that you ended up selling to them and would you recommend another seller in a similar situation do the same?

"I definitely would, they were very fair with me."