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Ocean City Development: Lawrence

Did Ocean City Development do what they said they were going to do when they were going to do it?

“Yes they did.”

Did everything go smoothly?

“Yes, yes it did.”

What was the main reason that you decided to sell to Ocean City Development?

“I decided to sell the house so I had several people look at it. Barbara who came in and looked, she went through it and she gave me a pretty good offer up front and then I talked to her later and I got a little bit better offer and that was the agreement I wanted to go with. I felt she was very professional. I was pretty comfortable. I wanted to deal with you guys rather than another company just because I felt that you were a lot more professional than the other companies I dealt with, and I did deal with several.“

Did you feel like they were helpful throughout the process and did you feel that you were treated fairly?


In the end, were you happy that you ended up selling to them and would you recommend another seller in a similar situation do the same?

“Yes to both questions.“