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Mary Cain, Realtor with Carolina Realty of the Low Country

"Tom, it has been awesome working with you, learning something new everyday.  My life before working with you was boring, frustrating, and trying to get started in a new market is very difficult. Now I have plenty of leads, and I have support to call if I need it!!  I was very unsure  and very skeptical about working with you, the only thing I new was that you were from Massachusetts and that is where I am from, and I was trying figure out if you were the Real Deal.  What helped me decide to join you was checking out your real estate website and calling one of your agents and asking her all about you, and what  she thought of your company, and she said you were the Real Deal!!!  The benefits of joining you are that I have purpose to get up, get dressed and get moving everyday!! My life and business are better for it, I have been with you just over a month and half, I have 2 listed and 2 under contract :)  I have investors wanting to work with me. I would recommend anyone that is willing work and wants to learn more about how you do business, and if anyone is on the fence about joining you, have them call me. I will tell you Tom is the Real Deal, and whatever he says he is going to do, he does it. Man of his word!!!" 

Thank you Tom,    
 Mary Cain, Realtor with Carolina Realty of the Low Country