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What Mary Cain Has Learned From Her Most Recent Deals

Today I’m talking with agent Mary Cain about some of her recent real estate deals, as Mary has encountered a few interesting investment properties.
  • (2:00) Mary and I discuss her background and how her lead generation changed after we started working together.
  • (5:00) Mary discusses her most recent investment transactions.
  • (7:00) How to make money on wholesale or investment properties by getting the listing back.
  • (14:00) Working with For Sale By Owner properties.
  • (17:00) Mary and I go over some stumbling blocks she encountered and lessons she learned when one of her wholesale properties needed to go through probate.
  • (21:00) Learning how to identify home run investment properties.
  • (23:00) Mary offers some advice for those just starting out, such as making sure you learn the systems quickly and to learn more about wholesales.
  • (25:00) Mary and I discuss finding deals in different types of markets.

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