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Amanda Chaves

When did you join Cameron Real Estate Group?

January of this year. [2017]

Where did you work before coming to Cameron?

Keller Williams.

What was life/business like before making the decision to work with Cameron? What were you up to, how was it different?

Slow to non-existent. I didn’t do any business while I was at Keller Williams.

Were you unsure and/or skeptical before deciding to work at Cameron? What were you unsure about?

I wasn’t really unsure. I was on a team at Keller Williams and the team that I was on decided to come over. They’re all kind of veteran agents and I knew that if they were coming over it was going to be a good choice for me to do. So I didn’t have any hesitation about going.

What was it specifically that ultimately helped you make the decision to join Cameron?

That they would provide leads. That was a huge thing for me, being new in the business. I didn’t get that kind of support when I was with Keller Williams and when I found out that they had offered an endless supply of leads it was a no-brainer to go there.

What benefits have you received since making the decision to work with Tom? How is life or business different?

The benefits of working, it’s definitely the leads I’ve gotten. I’ve gotten a ton of buyers, I’m constantly busy now. Also they offered me a position as a buyer nurturer so I actually get all the leads in and I get to hand pick the ones that I want so it’s been fantastic. They provide me with all the tools I need, it’s perfect.

Tom always tells everyone he has tons of leads and most agents think it is too good to be true. What would you say about that?

It is completely true. I myself get between 40 and 60 leads a day and what you do with them is really your own business. I can attest that they have nothing but leads. I cannot be bored working at Cameron at all.

What would you say to someone who is on the fence about choosing to join Cameron?

Especially if you’re a new agent you have to join Cameron, they give you all the support that you need. Everyone is fantastic, everyone helps each other out. They give you every opportunity to be a successful agent. Their goal is really to get you up and running. They want you to have your own leads and do your own business but they are going to give you everything you need to get up to where you need to be.