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From Daniel's First Lead to Closing on a Fix-And-Flip

When did you decide to work with Ocean City Development?

"When did we join…it was back in May [2017]."

Where did you work before coming to Ocean City?

"I’m still doing it, but I’m in the Coast Guard."

What was life/business like before making the decision to work with Ocean City?

"Business was obviously a lot less busy because I didn’t have two jobs that I had to deal with, but at the same time it wasn’t as exciting."

Were you unsure and/or skeptical before deciding to work with Ocean City? What were you unsure about?

"Yes, absolutely because it cost me money. So I was very skeptical on whether or not the leads and the way they were going to generate the leads for me would actually pan out. And we are closing on our first house to fix and flip tomorrow actually. It is going to make a lot more profit than what we were charged for the lead process so it ended up panning out.

What was it specifically that ultimately helped you make the decision to join Ocean City?

"Just everything I saw on the video he posted on Facebook that I’m sure everybody finds out about through that, through Facebook. I also researched the company and looked up everything on the company. There are a bunch of people out there who offer real estate mentorships, real estate investing mentorships I should say, and some of them charge less some of them charge more. But none of them really generate or help you generate leads like this one said it did. So I just came to the conclusion that I thought that this was the best way for us to finally implement everything we wanted to as far as our investing careers. And to better jump-start it quicker than some of the other companies I looked at as far as helping us invest."

What benefits have you received since making the decision to work with Tom? How is life or business different?

"We are closing on our first house, our first investment house tomorrow, so you know that is amazing that it happened so fast, a lot faster than we thought. I’ve watched a ton of videos and gone on live sessions that he does and I went to event in Boston that he put on about a month ago. And the biggest thing from that event, just the amount of people that were at the event and the networking that I was able to do, I met a person at the event that has a brokerage firm that actually was able to help me get the financing I needed for the home I got under contract. Just the networking and availability and Tom answers emails, I don’t know how he does it, even with personal emails he answers so quickly. He’s a great mentor. He was able to tell me that what I had was a good deal quickly to where I got it under contract fast and I haven’t looked back. I’m excited for my new business to make some money so I can put some back into getting some more leads and finding the next one."

Tom always tells everyone he has tons of leads and most people think it is too good to be true.  What would you say about that?

"You automatically think that way when you first start out. The first lead I got, it’s a funny story because I was skeptical, it didn’t work. It was a phone number that was disconnected. You’re told that you’re going to get a specific amount of leads, I think it was 50 to 70 leads for the amount of money that you give. A person like myself, I feel like, okay if I’m spending that much money to get these leads I want good leads. It’s the first time I’ve ever really worked in a situation like that where you depend on leads to hopefully get you a good investment to make even more money than what you put in for those leads. So I called that very first lead, and then I called and emailed him [Tom] and he even felt like it was an attack and he was like, 'Calm down, that was the first lead, this is going to happen.' After that I just calmed down and let the leads come in. I think I got over twice as many as what they told me. Honestly I’ve exceeded the time frame that they told me I would be getting leads and I still, not even expecting any leads right now because I need to send more money in for my marketing campaign, but I still get leads, one or two a week, and I’m not even paying for them. He has gone above and beyond what my expectations were. And like I said, it starts out slow but then you start getting more and more.  One week I emailed him and told him that I’d only had about two or three and that seemed a little off, and he said, 'Okay, no problem, we’ll start cold calling.' And I got over 20 leads within the next two days."

What would you say to someone who is on the fence about choosing to work with Ocean City Development?

"The best thing about this whole process is that I was skeptical at first but at the same time I absolutely, my expectations were met and actually exceeded and I would do it all over again in a second."