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How We Turned Our Latest Fix-and-Flip into a $50,000 to $70,000 Profit

How’d we manage to buy this house for $305,000 and get it under contract for $500,000? Follow along on our walk-through of the property to find out.

Welcome to one of our latest fix-and-flip properties at 21 Center Avenue in Reading, Massachusetts!

This property was purchased three months ago for $305,000. We put in $60,000 worth of repairs, and we just recently got the project under contract for $500,000. All told, we’re probably looking at a $50,000 to $70,000 net profit.

Follow along in the video above to get a full tour of this property and hear me explain some of the fix-and-flip processes we used to turn this house into a profit. For your convenience, I’ve included timestamps below so you can skip ahead to certain sections that might interest you:

(1:17) - A split-level entry that allows you to walk upstairs to the first floor or downstairs to the second floor.

(2:08) - Our fully staged living room, dining room, and kitchen layout on the first floor.

(5:04) - The upper-level bathroom.

(5:55) - Upper-level bedroom No. 1.

(6:21) - Upper-level bedroom No. 2, featuring new windows.

(6:52) - Upper-level bedroom No. 3.

(7:17) - Lower-level bedroom No. 1

(9:52) - The lower-level den, featuring a fireplace.

(10:15) - The lower-level bathroom, which we made into a full bathroom.

(10:45) - Key points to remember about fixing and flipping.

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Thanks so much for walking through this property with me. If you have any other questions, feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I’ look forward to hearing from you.