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Andrew Nazzaro

What would you like other agents to know about Tom Cafarella?

"Definitely a great guy. He stands behind his work, if he says he's going to do something he'll definitely follow through, so that's been good. As far as an agent/broker type relationship, he's a real supportive guy."

What has been your experience working on his team?


"It's been excellent. I've known Tom a little while, he invited me to come join his team a little while back and at first I said no, I'm not interested, I'm comfortable where I am. But when I did move over to his office, I was just completely surprised at how he's doing things. He's on the up-swing of his career, he's got momentum going his way, with what he's building. So I'm happy to be a part of it."

How is Tom different?

"I'd say he's forward-thinking and he's creative. He wants to grow, and part of growing is solving problems so he's a good problem solver. He wants to make it easier for his agents to be successful and to do business. Where some of the other agencies kind of throw a bunch of road blocks and BS when all you're trying to do is sell real estate and get on with the rest of your life. So, I think that's most important, he makes things easy."

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

"Overall I've enjoyed working with him, he's definitely been support to me. I've been in the business for a long time, but any new agent, and this is what I've been telling people while I'm out there talking to other people, any new agent that's looking to get some momentum behind their business or wants to learn what it's all about, wants to learn what the business is all about, and it's more than just selling homes, it's about lead generation and creating business for yourself, finding buyers, finding sellers. Working with Tom and his team and everybody that's behind him, they'll definitely get that advantage. To see what it's all about and to see how to grow a REAL real estate business for yourself. That's the truth, he's doing a lot that a lot of other agencies in the area just aren't doing. I'll say that, but every other agent that's been working with him over the last six months or year, they'll all agree to it. He's a good guy."