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Eric Shute

What would you like other agents to know about Tom Cafarella?

He’s an incredible individual that is extremely fair and hard working. His skills and qualities and knowledge are amazing for what he does to run his business. He is very calm and understanding and definitely, besides trying to build his business, is very concerned about building his agents businesses’ too.

What has been your experience working on his team?

Well when I first started with him there were only a few agents and he grew incredibly fast. During that time he always maintained trying to build it in the best way possible or not upsetting anyone on his team. He would always send out emails describing different thoughts or ideas that he had to move the business forward. So he always asked his team agents what their thoughts are, after he receives any feedback he then moves forward and implements a plan that will hopefully benefit all and grow the business or everyone’s business.

How is Tom different?

Tom is different, Tom is amazing. Being a business owner myself when I had a restaurant/deli/sandwich shop I know all the hard work that is involved with building one from scratch. Out of all of the business owners I’ve met, and I can truly honestly say this, he’s the most hard working business person that I know. And besides being hard working, is very fair and cares about others. He’s just incredible for all that he does. How he presents himself all the time, he never gets upset, at least not out in front of anyone, and he’s just an amazing person to watch and follow, to grow and him being a mentor, anything along those lines. He’s just an extremely bright person and definitely has a strong direction on where he wants to go with his goals and is laser focused on getting there.

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

I guess if I had a chance of picking an up-and-coming superstar in the business real estate world, I would definitely choose Tom Cafarella as being that number one person for what’s going on right now in the world of real estate. That’s what I would add, you’ll definitely be seeing and hearing more of him in a good way.